Shoshanas Bakery is situated in the heart of a Jewish Community and produces tons of delicious baked products for the specific needs of the Jewish community. All products that get produced here are Kosher Mehadrin Mezonot Parev and are under strict supervision of a full time Mashgiach. Furthermore, the Mashgiach oversees the Fish, Bakery and Deli Departments and verifies that the highest possible Kashrus stringencies are in place, ensuring that every item sold is always trustworthy … and always Kosher.

On visiting the bakery your senses will go wild as the smells are overwhelming and delicious. Every Friday we make Kitkas and we also produce Kosher products during the year for all the specific Jewish holidays.


The proud owner Susanna Casanoves bought the bakery in 1995 and has owned it ever since. This bakery is a beacon for many Jewish people and they have supported Shoshana’s bakery since 1995. Shoshana, the owner, is well known in the Jewish community and loved by many. Everyone that meets her wants to deal with her as she has a true passion for baking and creating new and interesting products.

The Bakery has been part of the Casanoves family and everyone has a hand in running it as a real Family business. Even the staff have been with Shoshanas bakery from the beginning.

It is a real proud achievement for the family as they took over the business years ago, and is it still successfull to this day.

The Casanoves family originates from Argentina and has also developed some products that are close to their hearts.